Tuesday, November 27, 2007


One of the biggest problems in any type of sale is the
close. With one-on-one salesmen, getting them to ask for the
sale is one of the hardest things to teach. In online
selling, where words are the salesman, many times you see
the same problem - the writer never asks for the order or
business! Do you make that mistake in your marketing?

There are as many ways (perhaps even more) to ask for the
sale with the written word as there are in person. But, you
Must ask for it! Here are some examples:

The Assumed Close
With direct in-person selling, this is one of the big ones.
Forget the old adage about never assuming anything, when it
comes to selling; just assume that your prospect is going to
buy. For example:

"Well Bob, all we have to do now is process the order and
get you started today!"

You can say that in person, and you can also use it in
writing. With the personalization feature in your follow-up
responder, you should address the person by name, and ask
for their business. Tell folks Exactly what you want them to
do next:

"Click Here and fill out the order form. Once you have done
that, you will be redirected to a page where you can get
(download, set up, call, or whatever the case may be) your
hands on the product and get started Now!"

The Internet really speeds up the process with Real Time
ordering, and instant downloads. Many times a live sales
person has to wait for the home office to ship your order,
but when dealing with digital products, the transaction can
take place instantly! Use that to your advantage in closing
the sale.

"Let's get you set up right now Bob!"

The Option Close
Some net marketers will disagree with me on this one. Some
studies do seem to indicate that online you need to give
them one choice, and one choice only. Any more than one
choice will detract from sales, or so the philosophy goes.

I'm not sure that I fully buy that theory. The option close
works so Extremely well with mail order and one on one
sales, that there has to be a way to use it online

The simplest option close works like this "Bob, do you want
the blue or green today?" Most of the time you will only
have one choice (i.e. your ebook or digital product), but
there are other choices you can offer. Many of the net Gurus
that say to only give your visitors one option really have
more than one and don't realize it. For instance, maybe they
don't buy your book, but they sign up for your free
newsletter - that is an option! Or how about "Will that be
VISA or MasterCard?" That is an option!

Perhaps you want to give them the option of Pay Pal or some
other form of payment. That can be your option. Really the
option is a form of the assumed close. When you ask, "will
that be Pay Pal or 2checkout" you are assuming they are
ready to buy and giving them an option.

Fear Of Loss
Nearly all pro online marketers use this fear of loss close.
"If you don't order today the price may go up and the
bonuses will be gone." You have seen this everywhere online.

Here is another example of the fear of loss close: "If you
are not serious about earning online income, then this
product is not for you". What this does is take it away from
them. They fear that if they don't act they are not going to
be a part of your wonderful team and offer. You can no doubt
think of many other Fear of Loss type closes.

It all comes down to asking for the sale, and giving your
prospect a reason for dealing with you "Now" and not later!
One thing is for sure, if you don't ask for sales
probably won't get any!

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