Thursday, November 8, 2007

How To Make Traffic Exchange Websites Work For You

If you don’t drive visitors to your site, they won’t come to you in multitudes. And multitudes of visitors are what you need to make your website successful.
Website advertising drives more traffic to your site through ads and links you distribute all over the Internet. However, ads are a less active way of driving traffic to your site. Once you post an ad, it’s up to the particular ad to attract viewers and entice them enough so they would visit your site. If you think you still need to do something more, well, why don’t you participate in a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a technique to drive more traffic to websites through traffic exchange programs. These programs or websites are websites that offer to increase the traffic in the sites of their members. The idea is to sign up with these programs. Once your site is listed as a member, you will then need to earn credits. These are gained by surfing through websites that belong to other members of the exchange. In exchange for your visit, you will be granted a credit. The more credits you earn, the more members of the traffic exchange will surf through your site.

The credits you can earn equates to a certain number of visits that are driven to your site. However, members of traffic exchange programs also have the option to upgrade to a higher-level membership, which increases their credit ratio. This increases the number of visits equivalent to each credit they earn.

In a nutshell, a traffic exchange is just like any simple exchange of benefits. Aside from exchanging traffic through the traffic exchange programs, however, members can also interact with other website owners in more ways. As a website owner, you will most likely come across sites that complement yours, as you surf and browse through other member sites. To get more benefits out of the traffic exchange program, you can contact the webmaster or owner of a website you’re interested in and can arrange to exchange links as well. These equates to plenty of benefits, given the small price you have to pay. All it takes is some time and effort. Some traffic exchange programs may charge some fees for additional features or extra credits. However, generally, traffic exchange programs are mostly free of charge and available to any website owner or webmaster who is not keen about leaving the dirty work up to static, unmoving ads and links.

Traffic exchange is an easy way to generate more traffic to your site. This is a more active way of pursuing traffic, since the number of visits to your site depends on the number of websites you also browse through. The initial benefit of traffic exchange program is so downright advantageous that this is more or less a foolproof and a truly effective way to drive traffic to your site. Since it also has some other bonus advantages, then, you’ve got even more reason to sign up for a traffic exchange program now. Don’t just leave your ads to do the job. Reach out and make sure that traffic gets to your site. Traffic exchange is the way to do it.

10 Effective Methods To Increase Web Traffic
It takes some time and effort to start and build a home business. Whether you succeed or fail depends significantly on how successful you are at getting and increasing targeted traffic to your website.
If you own a website for your business, attracting website traffic and more importantly sustaining it will be one of your top priorities if you want to succeed in your home business. Needless to say, there are many ways to increase website traffic. You do need to find the best strategies of learning how to tap this traffic, hopefully a growing one at that, perhaps self-replicating stream and preferably free.

This article provides some ideas to increase online traffic.

(1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It would benefit your business to ensure that your website is search engine friendly as this will certainly help grow your website traffic. Ensure all the meta and alt tags are completed and there is a H1 header, optimizing the text for your chosen keywords. There are a number of sites which provide a "spider simulation" which shows you what your site looks like to a spider and what you can do to improve its search engine ranking. A report on the quality of your website is generated for your view and to take necessary steps for improvements.

(2) DirectoriesDirectories are website listings and there are many to choose from. A good method to choose a reputable one would be to look for directories that have a good traffic rating, one that receives significant high volumes of website traffic (use Alexa). A few good examples to start this would be Yahoo and DMOZ.(3) Traffic Exchanges

Every website you view in a traffic exchange generates credits which are exchanged for views of your own site. Most Traffic Exchanges are free to join and they generate traffic for you almost instantly. There are basically two types of exchanges, manual surf and auto surf. The manual surf exchanges are preferred as they require the person to view and click the sites. The more sites you view the more people visit your website and the more your website traffic grows. To increase web traffic even further, join a few of them so as to generate more visitors, which can help in your page ranking too.

(4) Article WritingOne of the most time consuming; but effective methods of increasing search engine traffic. Most of these article directories offer this service free. Ensure that your article is optimized for keywords and that you include your website url bio line at the bottom of the article before you submit. Ezines, Magazines, Business Blogs, and webmasters are always on the lookout for good content to include in their articles as they are also in the quest for better search engine rankings. This method is very effective in getting one-way back links to your site.

(5) Blogs;There are more than 10 blog platforms to choose from. High on this list are word press and blogspot. Ensure your blog is located on your site, and check that it links to your key pages and that you ping each time your blog is updated. Search engines favor sites with frequently changing, unique content so you will need to provide regular updates to your blog. A regularly updated blog will attract readers which in turn builds and increases website traffic.

(6) Forum Marketing Join; a few good forums so that you can leave your URL in them. This will increase traffic in two ways. Firstly, people who read your posts are likely to click the link to checkout your site. Secondly search engines will generally accept the link which adds up to your link popularity. Another benefit of joining these forums is also to learn from other experienced and successful marketers. You’ll be surprised at their willingness to share their knowledge with you.

(7) Viral Advertising; If you have an idea and you tell 10 people and they each tell 10 people and so on, by the time the idea goes through 10 levels it has been passed on to a million people.You can use this similar principle as your business marketing strategy too. If you produced a free report or ebook filled with links back to your site and gave it away, the chances are those you gave it away to would do the same thing. Your links would then multiply significantly over the Internet giving a viral effect and your website traffic will grow.

(8) Reciprocal Links;They are also called link exchange and link swapping. Webmasters hope that people will click on their link in other websites thereby generating website traffic. However, be selective in who you do reciprocal links with. Always ensure that your link partner is relevant to your business niche and preferably has good Page Ranking. This strategy is one of the very best ways of generating free, targeted website traffic. It also is highly rated by search engines

(9) Classified AdsBefore the web came along; if you wanted to advertise you would turn to the newspaper “classified” section. Classified ads didn’t die with the web, they just went online. One of the most popular classified sites is This can be a powerful tool for getting search engines to notice your site and send you traffic.

(10) PPC Marketing ; PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” and is one good way to increase traffic into the website you are promoting. Google’s Adwords program is one of the most successful PPC engines. You buy ads from Google by writing an ad and bidding on keywords to determine how much you will pay when someone clicks your ad. This is a powerful tool to advertise your product or webpage to millions of people who access the Internet at very low bid.