Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Let's face it, some businesses sell "high ticket" items with
enough profit margin that a few sales will do. Internet businesses
don't usually follow this trend. So one of the KEYS to success on
the net is driving HUGE amounts of traffic to your site. To do this
you need TOOLS. And you need them to be FREE. Here is a step
by step guide to what tools to use and how to use them.

There are many of these out there. Subscribe to all that apply to
your industry and start posting. Don't just read the messages
(that's called a lurker) but get ACTIVE. The more you post and
respond to messages the more people become familiar with your
name and associate YOU with the person who has the answers
and who they want to do business with. The best part is that they
are FREE.

Autoresponders allow you to respond to inquiries about your
product or service without your involvement. You write the
message for the autoresponder to send, then set it and forget it.
Autoresponders can send follow up messages as well so that
the information you send can be spaced out over time, giving you
the chance to repeat your selling points over days or weeks,
reminding the prospect why they should do business with
you. Autoresponders QUALIFY your prospects so you only spend
your time doing deals that can be done.

Most of us send hundreds of emails a month. A signature line
(actually as many lines as you want) presents a selling message
to EVERYONE you send email to. You can include active links to
your website and even include your autoresponder address if you
like. Putting a selling signature in your email is easy and FREE.
THAT'S automation working FOR you.

This may seem obvious but it's more than just having a domain
name. Every day people surf the web only to find sites that take
FOREVER to load, have music that sounds like cats fighting, and
have links that don't work. AVOID THIS TRAP. There are FREE
TOOLS to help you build an excellent site. And you don't have to
be a "techie" to use them. Make sure your site is up to par.

This one is overlooked by almost everyone. The fact is that there
are online services (you've seen the discs) that have MILLIONS of
subscribers. But did you know that a large percentage of these
subscribers never leave the service and venture onto the net.
These services have their own discussion lists, bulletin boards,
forums and more, where you can contact these subscribers and
make your case; using your signature line of course! Since almost
all the online services offer a free trial for 30 days you can
fish in their waters for FREE. If you dig up enough business the
subscription pays for itself. Either wayYOU WIN.

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