Saturday, October 20, 2007

Legal Music Downloads is better

Artists and Music companies were enraged years ago by Napster, a website that allowed online enthusiasts to download and share music with free charge. People figured that since you can get songs from the internet, there was no reason to buy CDs. And As a result record sales dipped and many companies lost millions, cases were filed at Napster and many people were charged for stealing music.

Now legal music download sites have replaced the illegal sites of the past and are becoming more popular. After realizing that paying for music downloads help the music industry, many people have become comfortable with paying for the songs they want. MP3 players have also contributed to the rise of modern digital music and legal music downloads. Those who still chose to defy the law to acquire free music are finding out the hard way that the risks of downloading music through illegal means can be costly mistakes.

Although many online sites still offer free music downloads, most of these music downloads are littered by spyware and virus. These sites are illegal and can wreck havoc to you computer. You may choose to download music from these sites but do at your peril. After being reincarnated Napster is now a safe and legal music download site that offer free membership. Restrictions have been placed on some songs but these are meant to protect the rights of the music companies and the singers who made the song.

We have the risks of downloading music on sites that are not for legal music download far outweigh the gains. With each song you download you also receive a bonus of viruses , malware, and spyware to infect your system. You cannot rely on firewalls and antivirus programs to protect you every time you download free music. Sure, they will be able to detect a few corrupted files but for how long? To be on the safe side and to avoid spyware, virus, and legal charges support legal music download sites to enjoy junk free music. Have a nice download

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