Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keyword Research for Your Articles

Keywords and key phrases are important for your articles when you will be putting them on your website or using them as a promotional tool, such as posting them on an article database or sending out a press release

Putting the right words together for your website to come up at least on the first page when someone searches for what you have is vital to your business. It can substantially increase your sales and website hits.
However, there are some keywords and key phrases that might be so overused that you need to find your own way of getting your website in front of search engine users. Keywords and key phrases are also important for creating back links to your website from your promotional articles.
To find out the best keywords and key phrases to use you will need to do some research, find out how many keywords you should have, and how to use keywords and key phrases.

Best Ways And URLs For Keyword Research
You can conduct keyword research for your articles, websites and topics with various software, websites, etc. Here are some great websites for free keyword research.

Free keyword research online –
1. Google Keyword Tool:
2. Overture Keyword Selector Tool:
3. Keyword Suggestion Tool:

How Many Keywords You Should Have –
It can be difficult in the beginning to figure out how many keywords or key phrases you should have. If you have too many a search engine spider (the machines that find your website pages and put them in the right place in search engines) could overlook your article or web page if there are keywords everywhere. On the other hand, if you have too little keywords or key phrases your website pages could never be found, or be left out of the first few pages of a search engine result.
How many keywords you have in an article is known as keyword density. Your keyword density should be anywhere from 3% to 7%. For example, if you were to write a 100 word article you would need to write the keyword in 7 times to achieve a 7% keyword density. For a 500-word article you would need to use your keyword 15 times to get a 5% density.

How To Use Keyword Phrases And Single Key Words –
Since keywords and key phrases are vital to getting your promotional articles to bring visitors and sales to your website you need to know how to use them. Learn all you can about how search engines work, about search engine optimization, keyword usage, and more.
Key phrases can be used in a natural way. Some who write articles have the assumption that the key phrases need to be exact, for example, beginner meditation when in fact meditation for beginners would work just the same.

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